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Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina, Pot Stout

Santa Sabina, Pot Stout

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A spirit neither so sweet nor so bitter, but quite the opposite: Magical...
Olla Stout captures that magical essence of the towns of Mexico: an aroma of coffee, an amarescent flavor and a enjoyment as mystical as the stories about a good Mexican café de roca.

Style: Foreign Extra Stout
Color: (SRM = +40) Black/Opaque
IBU: 30
Alc. x vol: 6.8%
Content: 355ml

Pairing: Red meats of beef and pork. All types of roasting and marinating including barbecue. Cheeses with a strong and intense flavor and chocolate-based desserts

In Mexico the towns are magical...

There common life fades between the aromas of pot coffee and conversations without beginning or end or end or beginning. The mystique vibrates in the streets and the aromas of its markets are a pleasant mystery for those who are not accustomed to the ancestral traditions and the indecipherable spirits of its inhabitants.

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