Return Policy

We do our best to have quality products and services. Even so, we are aware that eventualities may arise for which we have put ourselves in your shoes and we want to guarantee that we meet your expectations.

This policy applies to products displayed and sold

Section One. Return policies applicable to Beer

1.1 During the next 7 days from the purchase date you can request the return of your purchase by sending an email to requesting the return and only for statistical reasons informing about the situation. The only requirement is that all the beers are in good condition, with their lid, label and box when they are returned. Once shipped, we will process the request and a refund will be made for the amount paid without shipping.

1.2 During the next 30 days from the purchase date you can request a return or physical exchange of the product in the following cases:

  1. When the product is in poor condition, expired or overcarbonated.
  2. When the product has suffered damage prior to arrival with the customer.

In case of a product in poor condition, expired or overcarbonated, send an email to informing the purchase date, attach a photo of the bottle with batch and expiration date. In case we still have a similar product in inventory, our experts will take a sample of the product in our hands to evaluate the product. It is possible that we will ask you for a return by sending the product to our office, although we will do our best to avoid this inconvenience. As soon as we receive your request, we will inform you that we are working on it and we will return with a resolution in less than 72 business hours.

In the second case, damage during shipping, at the time of receipt, please put a note next to your signature about the damage specifying the type of damage that the packaging suffered (wet box, hit, open, broken, etc.) and the name of the operator and inform the parcel customer service. Once this operation is completed, send us an email to with photographs of the shipment, the tracking number, date of your purchase, the name of the person who delivered it to you, the claim sheet that they gave you in the package and we continue the process. Once we receive the email with the information, we will notify you of receipt and give you 72 business hours to send a new package at no cost or return your money including the shipping cost.

Section two. Return policies applicable to products subject to delivery times.

Products with long delivery times regularly go through a physical process of transferring goods, crossing customs, paying taxes, etc.

A physical change may be requested within the first 10 calendar days of the arrival date. In these specific cases, the physical change is limited to the availability of this or another similar or substitute product, so waiting time could occur.

Within the first 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product, you may request a return. If the product in question is in perfect condition, the product must be sent back to our office and up to 70% of its value can be returned.

In the event that the product has damage caused by the shipment of the return, the repair will be assessed, which may or may not reduce the return amount.

For these products you must send an email to with photographs and/or video, the tracking number, the date of purchase, proof of purchase, a bank account in the name of the buyer, and the return shipping bill. . Once we receive the product, we will notify you of the receipt of your request, we will wait for the arrival of the product in the next 5 business days and finally within 72 business hours after its arrival we will notify you of the resolution.

Section two. Return policies applicable to the rest of the products.

Within the next 5 days upon arrival of your purchase you can request the exchange or return of the product by making the request by sending an email to attaching the following: Reason for the return (statistical purposes), proof of purchase, receipt payment, arrival tracking number, return tracking number. We notify you of receipt, we will wait for the arrival of the product to be returned in the next 5 business days and we will process your refund in cash for 100% of what you paid for the products to be returned without counting the shipping cost. You will receive the return payment within 72 hours after the merchandise arrives at our offices. If you prefer a physical exchange, it may be sent as soon as the information is received at no additional cost. The resolution is at the discretion of team.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please send us an email to or call 52 33 8421-5673.