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Santa Sabina

Santa Sabina Pan y Circo Lager Beer: Discover the artisanal flavor of quality Mexican beer

Santa Sabina Pan y Circo Lager Beer: Discover the artisanal flavor of quality Mexican beer

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Santa Sabina Pan y Circo Lager beer is a high-quality craft beer produced in Mexico. This beer is made with the best natural ingredients, including pure water, selected malts and premium quality hops, which gives it its unique and distinctive flavor.

The Pan y Circo Lager is a Lager-style beer, characterized by its smooth and refreshing flavor, with balanced notes of malt and hops. It has a fresh and fruity aroma, with a clean, dry finish that makes it easy to drink.

This beer is produced by the Santa Sabina brewery, a brand that has stood out for its commitment to quality and craft beer production. Additionally, Pan y Circo Lager beer has been recognized in international beer competitions, demonstrating its quality and reputation as one of the best craft beers in Mexico.

If you are looking to try a quality craft beer, Santa Sabina Pan y Circo Lager is an excellent option that offers a smooth and refreshing flavor with the quality and authentic flavor of a craft beer.

We all love entertainment, hustle and bustle, distracting ourselves with a story or legend, something easy to digest and see that fills our eyes or mouth with happiness.

Style: Lager
Color: (SRM = 4) Yellow
IBU: 15
Alc. x vol: 4.5%
Content: 660ml

Pairing: It is a beer that is regularly used for light-flavored dishes, so you can enjoy it with chicken, salad, salmon, sushi and fried products of American food.

A great show in a great bottle

We know that there are games with which we easily get lost in time and forget the bad times.

Santa Sabina presents Bread and Circus, a show for the senses. Our beer is brewed with German techniques in order to enhance the flavor of its Pilsner malt and a load of Japanese and American hops that divinize with herbal notes.

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