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Father's Day Gifts: Combine Craft Tequila and Beer at and

Father's Day Gifts: Combine Craft Tequila and Beer at and

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Celebrate Father's Day in an unforgettable way with our gift that strengthens and improves relationships! Discover the perfect way to surprise him without leaving home, with an exquisite and sophisticated gift.

Our personalized gift will capture your attention and resonate in your memory.

Contains a carefully chosen selection of premium products that will make Father's Day truly special .

To start, enjoy: #1 Craft Beer , Bread and Circo Lager alc. vol. 4.5%, content of 660 ml. brewed by the renowned Santa Sabina brewery. Its unique and refreshing flavor will perfectly complement the next delicacy on the list: Jalisco jerky. With 200 grams of authentic flavor and ready to savor, this delicacy will become the ideal companion for beer.

Plus, to provide an extra touch of exclusivity, we've added a craft alcoholic beverage. W Family Tequila , rested for 6 months in barrels and 100% pure agave, offers a smooth and balanced flavor. A perfect toast for a special day!

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Don't wait any longer to show your father how much you care . Order now and create a memorable moment on your special day.

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We have an irresistible offer for you! In addition to the products mentioned above, we have decided to add more elements to make this Father's Day gift even more special.

If you place your order before June 14, 2023 , you will receive the following items at half price:

  1. Dark Lord Brewery Opener Keychain: A practical keychain with a bottle opener function, designed by Dark Lord Brewery for craft beer lovers.

  2. Artisanal copper tequila horse: An elegant copper glass, handcrafted in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán. With a 3 oz capacity, this little wheel is ideal for enjoying tequila with style and authenticity.

  3. Santa Clara del Cobre beer jar: A 500 ml beer jar, also handmade in Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán. This copper jar will add a touch of class to the experience of tasting your favorite craft beer.

These three additional items will be available at half price exclusively for orders placed before June 14, 2023. Don't miss the opportunity to complete your gift with these unique items that will complement the tasting experience.

Place your order now and take advantage of this limited offer! Celebrate Father's Day in an unforgettable way with a gift that will exceed all expectations.

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