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BEER GIFT Beer Package - Exclusive

BEER GIFT Beer Package - Exclusive

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Without a doubt a gift that improves and strengthens relationships.

Celebrate your birthday in a special way with an exquisite, sophisticated and unforgettable gift without leaving home.

The personalized gift that will catch your attention and resonate in your memory.

The gift contains: premium craft beer, the best jerky from Jalisco, gourmet cake for 4 people and artisanal alcoholic coffee drink.

#1 Gourmet cake 🎂 to choose from: a) chocolate with beer 🍺 🍫 or b) orange with beer 🍺🍊- Delicious. The flowers that decorate the cake are also edible.

#4 premium beers 🍺 Dark Lord to choose from Op1. Claras: Avocato 🥑, Jean Harlow 💃, King Arthur 🐝, Wilt 🍫. Dark Op2: Avocato 🥑, Jean Harlow 💃, Wilt 🍫, Stout 🍫☕️.

# Cecina 🥩 prepared ready to savor with beer. 70grs

# 375ml of artisanal coffee alcoholic beverage, 7% alcohol by volume 🍾☕️

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