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Exclusive Pack of Dark Lord Brewery Craft Beers: Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers! Mix 4Pack w/avocado

Exclusive Pack of Dark Lord Brewery Craft Beers: Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers! Mix 4Pack w/avocado

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4 Beers:

Dark Lord Brewery Exclusive Craft Beer Pack: Perfect Gift for Beer Lovers!

At CompraChelas and CompraTequila, we present you the ideal gift for beer lovers: our exclusive 4-Pack of Dark Lord Brewery Craft Beers. This premium set not only satisfies the most discerning palates, but also adds a festive touch with decorative Christmas wrapping paper and an elegant bow.

This pack includes four beer gems from Dark Lord Brewery:

  1. Avocado Beer: A unique creation that fuses the creaminess of avocado with the freshness of craft beer.

  2. 2023 Special Edition Pumpkin Beer: Celebrate the season with this pumpkin beer, a limited edition that captures the warm, spicy flavors of fall.

  3. Solomon: Porter Beer: Dive into the darkness with this porter beer that offers intense notes of coffee and chocolate.

  4. Wilt: Brown Ale Beer: A brown ale that perfectly balances toasted flavors and caramelized notes.

Plus, as an additional gift , we include an exclusive Dark Lord Brewery bottle opener keychain , so you can enjoy your beers in style.

Make any occasion a celebration with our 4-Pack of Dark Lord Brewery Craft Beers. Click "Buy Now" and give the gift of a unique beer experience that will be remembered and appreciated by everyone!

Someone who wants to share or who knows that 4 is their measurement, the complicated thing is knowing which one to uncover first, but that will be resolved with the sixth sense, that is, it will be necessary to sharpen that power to choose the correct one. Try it and then tell us how it went.

Perfect combination to recognize or be recognized with a detail.

Choose your 4 beers:

#Avocato, the first avocado beer 🥑 blonde ale style. IBU: 28 Color: Golden Alcohol: 5%. Pairing: fresh dishes avocado 🥑 and 🦐. -

#JeanHarlow, American pale ale blonde 💃. Bitterness: 41 Color: dark amber Alcohol: 5.3%. Pairing: burger 🍔, pizza 🍕, meat 🥩. Chicken 🐓 fish 🐠.

#KingArthur a refreshing beer ideal for hot days. 🌞 Style 🍯 honey pale ale. Bitterness: 40 Color: Amber Alcohol: 5.5% Pairing: salad 🥗, seafood 🦞 shrimp 🍤 fish 🐠.

#Wilt the beer with the flavor of ancestral beer 🍺 brown ale style. Beer full of flavor without being invasive, the sweet malt flavor predominates and gives slight notes of chocolate 🍫 and coffee ☕️. Bitterness: 26 Color: Dark brown. Alcohol: 5.5%. Pairing: all beef 🥩 or pork 🐖 dishes grilled or charcoal.

#Solomon the full flavor of Porter-style roasted caramel malts. Bitterness: 28 Color: Very dark brown Alcohol: 5.5%. Pairing: smoked, roasted, bacon flavors 🥓

# Roger Bacon: A beer 🍺 Stout toasted malts. Bitterness 70, Black color, Alcohol: 6.6%. Pairing: charcoal roasted meat, pork, to sip.

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