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Beer Mix in 12Pack

Beer Mix in 12Pack

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We have for you the perfect combination to recognize or be recognized with a detail.

This twelve pack features two bottles of each of the following beers:

#Avocato, the first avocado beer πŸ₯‘ blonde ale style. IBU: 28 Color: Golden Alcohol: 5%. Pairing: fresh dishes avocado πŸ₯‘ and 🦐. -

#JeanHarlow, American pale ale blonde πŸ’ƒ. Bitterness: 41 Color: dark amber Alcohol: 5.3%. Pairing: burger πŸ”, pizza πŸ•, meat πŸ₯©. Chicken πŸ“ fish 🐠.

#KingArthur a refreshing beer ideal for hot days. 🌞 Style 🍯 honey pale ale. Bitterness: 40 Color: Amber Alcohol: 5.5% Pairing: salad πŸ₯—, seafood 🦞 shrimp 🍀 fish 🐠.

#Wilt the beer with the flavor of ancestral beer 🍺 brown ale style. Beer full of flavor without being invasive, the sweet malt flavor predominates and gives slight notes of chocolate 🍫 and coffee β˜•οΈ. Bitterness: 26 Color: Dark brown. Alcohol: 5.5%. Pairing: all beef πŸ₯© or pork πŸ– dishes grilled or charcoal.

#Solomon the full flavor of Porter-style roasted caramel malts. Bitterness: 28 Color: Very dark brown Alcohol: 5.5%. Pairing: smoked, roasted, bacon flavors πŸ₯“

# Roger Bacon: A beer 🍺 Stout toasted malts. Bitterness 70, Black color, Alcohol: 6.6%. Pairing: charcoal roasted meat, pork, to sip.

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