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Mezcal Santaella: Discover the Artisanal Excellence of Oaxaca in Every Drop

Mezcal Santaella: Discover the Artisanal Excellence of Oaxaca in Every Drop

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Immerse yourself in the magic of Oaxaca with Mezcal Santaella, an artisanal gem that embodies the tradition and skill of four generations of master mezcaleros. Our Santaella Mezcal is a young espadin, masterfully distilled from 100% maguey sugars, capturing the unique essence of the region.

Special Details:

  • Authentic Origin: Coming from Oaxaca, the heart of mezcal, our product has the coveted Protected Designation of Origin.

  • Artisanal Soul: Santaella Mezcal is made with passion and dedication in copper stills, using refined distillation processes that guarantee controlled flavors and a unique personality.

  • Exceptional Sensory Profile: Enjoy an exceptional Premium mezcal with an ABV of 40%, characterized by its light and easy-to-drink flavor. The citrus, fresh and verbal notes (mint-cinnamon) create a unique experience for your palate.

  • Unique Versatility: Perfect to enjoy alone or as a base for your favorite cocktails, Santaella Mezcal is a neutral flavor that blends perfectly, elevating any occasion.

Discover the authentic tradition distilled in every drop of Mezcal Santaella. Purchase your 750ml bottle and be part of a unique experience that transcends time and good taste. Let Santaella Mezcal transport you to the very essence of Oaxaca, available exclusively at and!

Join the Gold Club and Enjoy Unique Privileges! Experience the true greatness of Oaxaca with Mezcal Santaella. Purchase your bottle and belong to a select group that values ​​quality and authenticity. Place your order now and let Mezcal Santaella take you on a unique journey!

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