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Dark Lord Brewery: Discover the Magic of Halloween with Pumpkin, the Specialty Beer You Must Try

Dark Lord Brewery: Discover the Magic of Halloween with Pumpkin, the Specialty Beer You Must Try

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Are you ready to experience the Halloween season in a unique and delicious way? Dark Lord Brewery presents you, the pumpkin beer that will transform your spooky days into unforgettable moments.

Brewed with passion and mastery, our pumpkin beer is a seasonal gem, perfectly designed to pair with all your favorite pumpkin dishes. Its sweetness evokes the flavor of the famous traditional pumpkin pie, while its deep amber color, with an SRM index of 11, creates a unique visual experience.

But it's not just its appearance since it has a masterful balance between sweet and bitter , with 5 degrees of alcohol and a bitterness of 70 IBU that will captivate you with every sip. This is the third limited edition of a beer that we celebrate with enthusiasm every year, and now we invite you to be part of this tradition.

Pumpkin Beer is a light, palatable beer designed to celebrate and enjoy Halloween like never before. It is the perfect company for your moments of mischief and festivities. Do you dare to ask for Halloween or mischief with a glass of pumpkin beer in your hand?

Think no more. At Dark Lord Brewery, we hope you enjoy pumpkin beer and make this season as unforgettable as the flavor DarkLord Pumpkin offers. Order now and let the magic of Halloween envelop you!

Buy Now in Pre-Sale and Take Advantage of the Magic of Halloween!

At, we are excited to present you the opportunity to be one of the first to enjoy Dark Lord Brewery's pumpkin beer . This gem of the season is now available for exclusive pre-sale.

But hurry, this offer is for a limited time. Pre-sale of the Pumpkin Beer will be available only until October 17. That's right, you have until that date to make sure you don't miss out on this unique experience at your table!

By purchasing pre-sale, you not only guarantee yourself a glass of this limited-edition beer, but you also take advantage of a special pre-sale price that you won't find anywhere else. It's your chance to enjoy the magic of Halloween at a lower cost.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of the Dark Lord Brewery celebration. Buy now and secure your case of pumpkin beer to make your Halloween season truly unforgettable. The countdown has begun, don't wait any longer to join the pre-sale of "Pumpkin" from Dark Lord Brewery!

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