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Cola Blanca

Colablanca Leña: Dark Lager Beer with Smoked Flavors and Distinction

Colablanca Leña: Dark Lager Beer with Smoked Flavors and Distinction

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Welcome to the authentic beer experience with Colablanca Leña! This Dark Lager beer has been awarded gold and silver medals, and now you have the chance to taste why it is so acclaimed.

With a captivating dark brown color and an SRM of 18, Colablanca Leña will surprise you with its aromatic notes of basketball and herbs, which anticipate a delicious explosion of flavors in every sip. Its distinctive toasted bread flavor, accompanied by a spicy and dry finish, will transport you to a world of unique sensations.

This exquisite Dark Lager beer has an initial gravity of 1.045 and a final gravity of 1.007, along with a smooth IBU of 13 and an alcohol content of 4.5% by volume. Its perfect balance makes it an ideal option for those looking for a refined and sophisticated flavor.

Looking for exceptional pairings? Colablanca Leña is the perfect companion for grilled meals, from succulent roast meats, fish and chicken, to delicious seafood and grilled hamburgers. It is also the ideal choice to accompany pork and, of course, its pairing with the famous drowned cake cannot be missed.

To fully enjoy this quality beer, we recommend serving Colablanca Leña at a refreshing temperature of 3 degrees Celsius in weizen, estange or pilsner glasses. Each sip will take you to savor the essence of a unique and sophisticated beer experience.

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