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Cola Blanca

Colablanca Gozadera: Gose Beer with Raspberry, an Irresistible Experience

Colablanca Gozadera: Gose Beer with Raspberry, an Irresistible Experience

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Get ready to immerse yourself in a beer enjoyment with Colablanca Gozadera! This Raspberry Gose Beer will take you on a journey of extraordinary flavors that will make you want more with every sip.

Pale, cloudy in color with an SRM of 3, this beer offers an enticing reddish appearance that anticipates the deliciousness to come. From the first moment, you will be captivated by its aroma and flavor notes of fresh raspberry , followed by nuances of sourdough bread and citrus touches, which will leave you wanting more.

Colablanca Gozadera is slightly acidic, with a dry finish and a light body, making it a refreshing and extremely pleasant option. With an initial gravity of 1.042 and a final gravity of 1.008, along with a smooth IBU of 5 and 4.5% alcohol by volume, it is a balanced beer that does not sacrifice complexity and nuances in each sip .

Looking for exceptional pairings? This Gose beer is the perfect companion for a wide variety of dishes: from spicy and spicy foods to sweet fruit dishes, cuts of meat and strong cheeses. It is also ideal to accompany delicious mollusks.

To fully enjoy this delicious beer, we recommend serving Colablanca Gozadera at a refreshing temperature of 7 degrees Celsius in a snifter, goblet or calis glass. Each sip will take you to experience an unparalleled joy of flavors.

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