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#Solomon Beer by Dark Lord: Wisdom in Every Sip. Order it Now!

#Solomon Beer by Dark Lord: Wisdom in Every Sip. Order it Now!

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Discover Dark Lord Brewery's "Solomon" beer! This porter immerses you in the full flavor of roasted caramel malts, a unique experience that pays tribute to the wisdom of King Solomon, the wisest person to ever walk the face of the Earth.

Dark Lord Solomon Beer: The Taste of Wisdom

With a bitterness of 33 IBU and a very dark brown color with ruby ​​flashes, this beer takes you on an unforgettable sensory journey. Its content includes water, malt, yeast and hops, achieving a perfect balance that highlights its malty character. With an alcohol level of 5.5%, it is ideal to enjoy on any occasion.

History of Wisdom: The Porter Style and the Survival of Beer

The porter beer, which we know and love today, played a crucial role in the survival of beer during the Industrial Revolution. While rum and gin dominated, only 4 beer makers remained. Mr. Porter , a wise brewer , created this style that has endured to this day, as a legacy of wisdom in the brewing industry.

Perfect Pairing

"Solomon" beer pairs perfectly with smoked, roasted and bacon flavors. Additionally, it pairs exceptionally well with cow's milk cheeses such as Tilsit or Gruyère. For dessert, enjoy it with chocolate peanut butter cookies or toasted coconut bars.

Feel the Wisdom in Every Sip

Discover the power of Dark Lord Brewery's "Solomon" beer, inspired by the wisdom of King Solomon. Immerse yourself in its complexity and malty character. Celebrate brewing tradition and ancient wisdom with every sip of this unique porter!

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#Solomon Beer by Dark Lord: Wisdom in Every Sip. Order it Now!

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