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Don Anastacio Premium Tequila: Discover the smooth and authentic flavor of the best tequila from Jalisco

Don Anastacio Premium Tequila: Discover the smooth and authentic flavor of the best tequila from Jalisco

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Premium Don Anastasio Añejo tequila is a high-quality drink that is produced in the Jalisco region, Mexico. This tequila is made from the pineapple of the blue agave, which is cooked and fermented to create a must that is then distilled twice. It is then aged in American white oak barrels for a minimum of 12 months to obtain its distinctive flavor and dark amber color .

The aging process gives Don Anastasio Añejo tequila a smooth and complex flavor, with notes of vanilla, caramel and wood. Its aroma is fruity and smoky, making it ideal to enjoy alone or as an ingredient in premium cocktails.

This tequila is considered of the highest quality thanks to its traditional and careful production process, and the selection of the best agaves. If you are looking to try a premium tequila with an authentic and refined flavor, Don Anastasio Anejo Premium Tequila is an excellent option.

2 International Awards: Gold Medal and Bronze Medal.

Presentation: 750 ml
Class: Aged
Alc. x vol: 38%
Aging: 18 months

Don Anastacio Añejo Cava Price Comparison.

The Añejo Premium Cava Don Anastacio 100% pure agave tequila is an intense, bright and luminous amber tequila. Perfect balance between agave, woody and fruity.


    • Intense, crystalline and bright amber color.
    • It highlights fruity tones, elegant notes of anise, prune, apricot on a soft but deep aroma of white oak.
    • It also has a delicate woody and fruity note.
    • The aromas of oak, sweet butter, cooked agave, floral, black pepper, cinnamon, nuts, whiskey and smoke stand out.
    • The following flavors are distinguished: Cooked agave, oak, black pepper, sweet butter, floral, cinnamon, nutty, vanilla, caramel, plum and toffee.
    • International Awards:
      GOLD MEDAL, 2012 World Competition in Brussels , Belgium.
      BRONZE MEDAL, 2007 World Spirits Competition in San Francisco , United States.

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