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Dark Lord Brewery

Discover the revolution of flavors with Avocato from Dark Lord Brewery!

Discover the revolution of flavors with Avocato from Dark Lord Brewery!

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Discover the revolution of flavors with Avocato from Dark Lord Brewery ! Immerse yourself in a unique experience that fuses the passion for beer with the irresistible charm of Hass avocado . If you are a true lover of beer and avocado, prepare to be captivated by the magnificent Blonde Ale beer that has arrived to conquer your senses.

Avocato is much more than a beer, it is a devotion. Imagine a bright golden liquid in your glass, whose aroma transports you to the avocado fields in their maximum splendor. This beer has been carefully brewed by Dark Lord Brewery to give you an exceptional flavor experience, where Hass avocado becomes the star ingredient that makes the difference.

With an attractive golden color (SRM = 5) that reflects the freshness and vitality of the ingredients, Avocato awaits you with a balanced bitterness level , measured in 28 IBUs, that enhances its nuances and invites you to explore its layers of flavor. In addition, its alcohol content of 5% by volume ensures that each sip is a pleasant and refreshing experience.

How to pair this beer gem? The answer is simple: the versatility of avocado is reflected in the ideal pairings. From fresh seafood to healthy food options, Avocato adapts to a wide variety of dishes. And if you love avocado in all its forms, this beer will be the perfect companion for any culinary creation that includes it.

Get ready to be part of the beer and culinary revolution with Avocato from Dark Lord Brewery . Each sip will connect you with the passion that the brewers have poured into each drop, and with the very essence of avocado that has been elevated to a whole new level. Don't wait any longer to immerse yourself in this absolutely brilliant experience. The flavor revolution is waiting for you in every bottle of Avocato!

Style: Blonde Ale

Special Ingredient: Hass Avocado
Color: Gold (SRM=5)
IBU: 28
Alc. x vol: 5%

Don't miss the opportunity to live this unique experience for the senses! Explore the fusion of beer and avocado with Avocato from Dark Lord Brewery. Let your palate delight with its exceptional flavor and captivating aroma. Click now and bring home the beer that is conquering hearts and palates: Avocato awaits you!

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