Exploring the Pre-Hispanic Roots of Mezcal in Mexico

Exploring the Pre-Hispanic Roots of Mezcal in Mexico

Before the arrival of the conquistadors to Mexico, mezcal already occupied a prominent place in the daily life of indigenous communities. In regions such as Sinaloa, this agave not only provided food, but was also a vital source of materials for the manufacture of various products.

The mezcal leaves, which had the ability to retain liquids, were used to quench thirst during periods of drought, while its fiber was used in the manufacture of fabrics, blankets and tools. The plant was also valued for its quiote, the floral part that was used to make preserves and sweets.

The proper cooking process of the head and stalk of mezcal produced delicious edible pieces, while the fermentation of its sap gave rise to mezcal liquor, an intoxicating drink known since ancient times.

The indigenous people of Sinaloa, and other regions of Mexico, had a deep knowledge of the plants and fruits available in their environment, using them to make a variety of alcoholic beverages. Mezcal, along with corn, plums and pomegranates, was one of the most appreciated raw materials.

It is important to highlight that the exploitation of mezcal in pre-Hispanic times was based on the use of wild maguey, which grew naturally in the countryside and mountain areas. This approach to gathering, rather than planting, persisted among indigenous communities even after the Spanish conquest.

In Sinaloa, Agave angustifolia mezcal was used since pre-Hispanic times both as food and for the production of mezcal. Although Agave maximiliana was also used to make mezcals, the latter was banned in the 18th century.

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