Discover the Cultural Wealth of Mezcal in Sinaloa

In the vast universe of traditions and cultures that make up the mosaic of mezcal, Sinaloa emerges as a crucial point. Since pre-Hispanic times, this state has witnessed the ancestral use of mezcal, initially as food and later as a fermented drink of deep meaning.

The production of mezcal in Sinaloa has been characterized by its constant innovation and the masterful combination of traditional methods with scientific approaches. This marriage between ancient and modern has given rise to a unique identity in the region, a mezcal culture rooted in history and marked by creativity.

Sinaloa, known as "the granary of Mexico," is not only recognized for its excellent crops of corn, wheat, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, but also for its tradition in the production of mezcal. The state's food industry, driven by innovation and quality, has strengthened its export capacity and its position in the global economy.

Southern Sinaloa, in particular, is home to a rich tradition in the use and exploitation of mezcal. With ideal climatic conditions, a long history and deep technical and practical knowledge, this region is perfectly prepared to be part of the designation of origin of mezcal.

At and, we offer you the opportunity to explore and be part of this story. Discover the authenticity and diversity of Sinaloan mezcal, and be part of a tradition that has endured throughout the centuries. Make your own mezcal and join the celebration of mezcal culture in Sinaloa!