Discover the Art of Mezcal: Preparation Process and Categories

Discover the Art of Mezcal: Preparation Process and Categories

Welcome to and, your destination to explore the fascinating world of mezcal. If you are interested in creating your own brand of mezcal, it is essential to understand the production process and the different categories that exist according to official Mexican regulations (NOM).

Mezcal Production Process

The process of making mezcal is a true work of art that combines tradition, passion and mastery. According to NOM-251-SSA1-2009, the process consists of four main stages:

  1. Cooking : During this stage, the heads or juices of the maguey or agave are cooked in pit, masonry or autoclave ovens, depending on the category of mezcal being produced.

  2. Grinding : The cooked raw material is ground to extract the juices and fibers of the agave. This process can be carried out with different equipment, such as the tahona, Chilean mill, sugar mill or ripper, depending on tradition and available resources.

  3. Fermentation : Agave juices are placed in fermentation containers, which can be made of wood, masonry basins or stainless steel tanks. Here, natural yeasts work their magic, converting sugars into alcohol.

  4. Distillation : Finally, the fermented liquid is distilled in stills, continuous distillers or copper or stainless steel columns. This step is crucial to obtain mezcal with its characteristic flavor and aroma.

Mezcal categories according to the NOM

The NOM establishes three main categories of mezcal, each with its own distinctive characteristics:

  1. Mezcal : This is the standard mezcal, produced with the equipment and processes mentioned above.

  2. Artisanal Mezcal : It is distinguished by its more traditional and artisanal elaboration, using methods such as pit or elevated masonry ovens and manual mills.

  3. Ancestral Mezcal : Considered the most authentic, it is produced using ancestral techniques such as pit ovens, manual mills and fermentation in stone cavities.

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