Mejores empresas para invertir

Best companies to invest in

Best companies to invest in

When we think about the best companies to invest in, we always look at the recommendations of large financial companies and large stockbrokers because we believe that we are playing it safe.

Honestly , no broker or financier will recommend investing in a competitor's fund knowing that it is better than their own . That is why when we risk our money on what we believe is safe, it is more like quicksand because we know that their interests are involved. If I'm wrong, please tell me an experience that shows that the opposite is true.

A small shareholder does not really have access to his own company, there is no board meeting in which he can participate, much less direct or influence its direction. Everything is controlled by a small group that manages the money of the majority. Take for example Facebook where Mark Zuckerberg sends a video to his shareholders to publicize the decisions they have made to turn the company into Meta.

On the other hand, brokers or financiers are guilty of the famous bubbles where companies like RIVIAN had a week of glory by being commercially worth more than General Motors (GM the largest American manufacturer) without having manufactured a single unit.

For a couple of weeks they surely made a lot of money selling and suggesting RIVIAN shares where in the end the market came to its senses, returning to its initial value. Those who lost were the small shareholders who were carried away by the brokers' suggestion.

One more example of the forces of the financial markets, the company GAME STOP was on the verge of being worthless, when a group of enthusiastic customers decided to buy shares and move the GAMER community that in the end revalued the company. In the end they hope to be able to legislate to prevent the market from taking action on its own initiative and being able to act on the market , because the GAMER community proved the stockbrokers completely wrong.

Finally, a masterstroke by the richest man in the world at this moment. Elon Musk managed to make the value of his company Tesla go beyond reason by closing a mega deal with Hertz, making the value of the shares reach extraordinary values. At the same time he receives a request from the UN to donate a small part of his wealth to end world hunger. Without hesitation Elon Musk saw the opportunity to sell a few because he knows that after the bubble he could eventually recover his shares at a much lower price . Thus obtaining an extra profit by selling high and recovering very cheap.

It is for this and many other reasons that I would hardly invest in the stock market. Call me classic but I would invest in a more predictable company, yes with growth possibilities, yes with good profits but above all with products or services that could be replicated, whose demand is proven and also a product in demand worldwide.

If the company I want to invest in has a unique product, value offering or service that allows it to compete in a blue ocean, it would be my ideal investment.

I would also like a company where I have access to the address that from time to time can receive me and tell me about current and future plans.

A company where I may have the opportunity to help grow with my skills and knowledge. Without a doubt a company with which I can grow my participation.

Like you, I would decide for a small or medium-sized company to have greater access to information and people, but with great growth potential, which would allow my participation to grow and/or take an important position.

The market I would choose would be food and beverages , but more specifically alcoholic beverages. A company that has an innovative, differentiated product that can defend its position when attacking new global markets.


The reason I look for a company with an international market is to have greater certainty that growth is guaranteed.

I see that Dark Lord Brewery has a unique product, very innovative and widely accepted in international markets. They also give me the opportunity to grow with the company in the Mexican market and without a doubt I have access to first-hand information.

Anyway, Dark Lord Brewery is without a doubt one of the best companies to invest in right now.

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