Calidad en Tepache o Fermentado de Piña

How do you make an extraordinary beer?

Just a few days ago, I discovered a television program where they are looking for the winner of the title "Master Distiller" and with great pleasure I decided to look for him. I discovered that the real name is "Clandestinos: the master distiller."

Photo: A pineapple fermentation called tepache. On the right a cloudy finish, on the left a bright finish.

When I saw it I remembered those days when I only read about how to carry out the fermentation process to obtain alcohol (2005-2006). In some of those books I clearly remember how the fermentation process was described as a work of art and the master as the person who mastered the technique and art of fermentation.

I don't remember the name of the book, however it was old, it had been written in 1806, it mainly focused on the production of artisanal whiskey. I learned a lot about yeast, the malting process and roughly the ancient artisanal process of making this spirituous concoction called whiskey.

I say in broad strokes because although the process was described very well, it did not provide specific technical information that was valuable. It is understandable due to the time in which it was written, thermometers did not exist, much less densimeters and ph meters that today are basic not only in the preparation of beverages but in the entire food industry.

My best memory of that book is that it said that a good teacher took care of his highly prized elixir with care and dedication, a great teacher would get up early to supervise the fermentation process.

In whiskey making, as in beer, it is possible to obtain different results in the final product in different hands. In the program they share the same "beer" as the fermented mash used before distilling is known. What master distillers must make is the best whiskey in the established time, they share the same beer and the equipment is identical.

Despite the advanced nature of the process and the equality of circumstances, it is amazing to see how some obtain disastrous results while others obtain extraordinary results.

The same thing happens with beer, although beer making is much more technical than whiskey making, it requires skills, equipment and knowledge specific to the fermentation and brewing process.

Even so, an extraordinary beer is obtained with the same qualities as a great whiskey: discipline, determination and commitment of the brewmaster.

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